I am proud to announce that I have joined Forte Law Corporation as part of its team of labour and employment lawyers. My practice remains focused exclusively in the area of employment law, and I will continue advising both employers and employees on various legal issues that arise from the workplace.

我已经加入 Forte Law Corporation 团队作为其最新的就业律师。我仍然专注于就业法领域 。Forte Law Corporation 提供就业法,劳动法,处理雇员和雇主之间在工作中发生的各种冲突和法律问题。我可以提供普通话和上海语。

By following the link below you will be taken to my Forte Law Corporation profile which will provide my new contact information.

通过以下链接,您可以直接了解我们Forte Law Corporation并取得我的联系方式。

Link to my profile